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Plot Information and Sales

It is possible to pre-purchase plots as a part of planning for a funeral in the future. This is a reasonable way to minimize burial expenses by pre-purchasing the plot and eliminating any increase in cost. Pre-purchase costs of the plot, pouring of foundations, and installation of monuments or markers are available at current prices. Charges for the actual burial apply when the services are rendered and cannot be pre-paid.

Rates are subject to change. Current prices are listed here and posted on the cemetery building.

Effective and updated as of August 31, 2023.


Single Plot (4 feet by 10 feet)

Interment (Full Burial)

Vault less burial surcharge

Interment (Cremation)*

Monument Foundation

Veteran monument installation

Snow removal charge if snow needs to be removed

from the cemetery road and/or plot site


$750 (Additional $300 for Weekdays after 2pm, anytime Weekends, or holidays)


$500 (Additional $300 for Weekdays after 2pm, anytime Weekends, or holidays)
$1.15/sq. inch or $335 minimum charge

TBD; will be added to internment fee if needed

*For Interment/Cremation Burial: Ground opening is to be no larger than 18x18x30 in.; anything larger will require Full Burial rate.

NYS Required Fees (included in above costs)

10% of plot sale Permanent Trust Fund

Any Interment Permanent Trust Fund

Vandalism Fee to New York State

Remains from out of NYS

$65 / plot

$35 / interment

$5 / interment

$5 / interment

This is a community-maintained cemetery which depends on the voluntary efforts and donations of family, friends and the surrounding community to operate and sit on the board and pay for the cutting of grass, maintenance of the drive and other maintenance expenses.


Please consider helping to keep the historical and physical integrity of this cemetery. Please contact the superintendent if you are interested in learning more.

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